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Swedish Massage~
Release everyday stress and tension with
this most familiar of all massage
techniques. This gentle, full-body massage
will induce relaxation, rejuvenation and
increase the body’s circulation.

Myofascial Release~
Myofascial release therapy helps
individuals with poor posture, physical
injury, illness and emotional stress. By
using myofascial release therapy,
disruptions of the fascial network are freed
and tension on bones, muscles, joints and
nerves is relieved. Ultimately, myofascial
release restores complete balance back to
the body.

Positional Release~
An integration of positional release and
energetic methods that enable clients to
consciously experience and participate in
their body's ability to self-correct. Positional
release creates an atmosphere for clients
to connect with their inner wisdom by
awakening self-corrective reflexes that
open the door to healing, awareness and
structural balance.  During a typical
positional release session the practitioner
tracks the flow of the client’s experience
and responds with a variety of techniques.
These techniques include: gentle,
conscious contact with the hands, locating
and addressing points of tension and
sensitivity, comfortable body-positioning for
release with compression into the joints,
isometrics, and integrative re-education
Sport Massage~ pre & post event
Designed for the fitness minded. This sport
massage releases deeply held muscle
tensions and stress. This is the perfect
ending to a great workweek or tough day.

Pregnancy  Massage~
Designed to relax and relieve the pregnant
woman’s body. In this time of additional
physical stress on the mother to be, it is
crucial to rejuvenate and restore the mother
as well as promote circulation for the well-
being of the baby. Not recommended for
women in their first trimester.

Manual Lymph Drainage Massage~
Manual Lymph Drainage is an advanced
form of massage that aims to stimulate the
lymphatic system to remove congestion
and stagnation from within the body, and
so help it return to a healthy condition. The
treatment will involve a consultation and a
massage using gentle rhythmic pumping
techniques. Symptoms that are said to
respond well to MLD are a weakened
immune system, chronic congestion (sinus
etc), rheumatoid arthritis and the healing of
wounds, burns and scars.

Neck, Back, Shoulder Massage~
Focused entirely on relieving tension of
commonly over stressed areas, a variety of
techniques send you away renewed
30 minutes $35.00
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Hot Stone Massage
Enjoy the ancient healing art of stone massage as we
combine various massage techniques and warm lava
stones to relax the body at its deepest level. The
powerful metathesis energies of lava stones are known
to promote a harmonizing and cleansing effect and a
positive energy flow.

90 minutes $67.50                   
60 minutes $57.50
Massage Specialties
Price List for Massage Specialties
(listed below)   
90 minutes $62.50
60 minutes $50
45 minutes $42.50
30 minutes $35.00